Aaron Carter Performs New Single: Ooh Wee

  • July 20, 2014

Never heard a word of Aaron for a while, happy to see he is back and performs his new song. Hope he could issue his new album soon.

If you love Aaron, please check out this video. Despite the live effect is not good,its a great song.

Celebrate A Early 15th Birthday for Greyson Chance

  • July 23, 2012

You can’t image how excited I was that day.

Every lady got a warm hug from Greyson. And I had a chance shaking hands with him. The most unforgetable thing is we celebrated Greyson’s 15th Birthday together! Even though it’s toooooo early.

July, 2nd, 2012 Greyson Arrived Changsha, China. His first visit in mainland China begins.

Greyson Chance & Chinese Fans

He is such a good kid and so active to take photo with his Chinese Fans.

Greyson Chance & Chinese Fans

Leaving to his Hotel

July, 3rd, 2012 A Date With Greyson Chance

Haha, If I were a girl I may creazy for this chance to be with him.

The winner of A Date With Greyson Chance is enjoying her date, holding flowers from Greyson!

The winner of A Date With Greyson Chance is enjoying her date, holding flowers from Greyson!

Then, the next activity is celebrating Grey’s 15th Birthday! Yeap, It’s too early but Greyson enjoyed it.

Guess which one is me? I won’t tell you that I am the oldest one, stading Grey’s right side.

Celebrate A Early 15th Birthday for Greyson Chance

Have you seen that I was holding his hand???

Now Photo Time!

Greyson is Looking at Young Free

Oh my ! Greyson is looking at me!

Battlefield Could Not Burning China

  • May 5, 2012

Do not miss understand my words please. Battlefield could not burning China, does not mean that China are going to at war. I just mean the game Battlefield 3. We all know that it is a great FPS game, however, Chinese could not enjoy it. What a  tragedy.


As I know, Battlefield 3 has thousands of servers but only 9 servers in China. If Chinese player wants to enjoy the world corporatin, he have to use a VPN.

But, we do not know where to buy a good VPN service. You know, most of Chinese like me, do not have much dollars, so we need world vpn coupon to buy one. Unfortunately, we do not know where to find a available  world vpn promo code or world vpn promotional code. If you know some, please tell me, thanks.

Aaron Carter is Back!

  • April 5, 2011
Copied from other site.
I saw Aaron Carter in concert for the first time in July of 2000. I was six years old, just out of kindergarten. He packed the arena with pre-teen girls, who had screams so high pitched I thought I might never hear again. Almost eleven years later, at age 17, I found myself standing in a crowd of twenty-something girls, with the same high-pitched screams, waiting to see Aaron Carter.

The “I Want Candy,” and “That’s How I Beat The Shaq” singer has stayed out the limelight for the past few years (except for a stint on Dancing With The Stars in 2009) working on some new tunes. I got to see an exclusive performance of his new music, and hear the dish about his time in the recording studio, his advice to Justin Bieber, and DWTS!

“Wow, there are a lot of pretty girls in this room!” Aaron gushed to the crowd as he walked on stage for one of his first live performances this year. With his radiant white smile and signature blond hair, he’s still the same Aaron Carter you had a poster of on your wall in second grade.

Aaron’s sound hasn’t changed either. He’s still keeping with the pop-dance vibe, and his moves are just as incredible as they’ve ever been. At one point during the intimate concert, he did a flip right in the middle of one of his songs (and I’m telling you…this stage was SMALL). The energy of his performance felt a little like another blond boy with undeniable star-power: Justin Bieber. “I would love to work with the Little Biebs,” Aaron joked, “All of the hard work he is putting in, I worry about that all the time, and I hope that he’s not being taken advantage of by the people around him.”

Up next is new music. Aaron’s been working hard in the studio mastering producing and songwriting, and by his performance, it felt obvious he’s really excited about the new stuff. There is no set release date yet, for the album, but he promises it will be coming soon and he will be definitely be playing more shows!

If he happens to be stopping in a city near you, I would definitely recommend going! Even if you aren’t familiar with his new stuff…he may just have some “Candy” in store!