Memories In March 2021

  • May 3, 2021

Early of March, grandma said she wanted to visit Hua Yan Xi Reservoir Scenic, then we started our trip to there. Due to followed the route guidance of uncle, we suffered almost 2 hours bumping driving to get there. And when we got there, what disappointing us was that there was no water in the reservoir. What we got from this journey were, my brother drove for more than 5 hours and we enjoyed that 5 hours’ bumping.

Is That Spring?

  • March 28, 2012

Where is spring? A song for child proposed that the spring is hidden in the kids eyes.

No matter where it is, it can not be in my eyes again. I am not able be a boy once again.

But I shall never stop looking for it.


Is it the way approaching to Spring?


It might be.


Trees are enjoying the sun.


A heart-shaped lake

上山路 上山路

Way up.


To the mountain top.

照片0056 照片0055


照片0063 照片0060

It is said that this is the most huge Buddha piled by rocks. 

照片0067 照片0057

Just for fun.

照片0058 照片0062

The magnificent stone statues are made by hundred masons’ hard work.

照片0061 照片0059

There is always place for kids.