Notes · May 10, 2022 0

Unlucky May Day

It was supposed to celebrate the 1K km today😂, as I got this car one and a half months ago and tried my best to run it for such a far mileage. And I made my plan to get another 1K km within the coming one and a half months so that I won’t be laughed at when I send my car for the first-period car maintenance. Well, you never know what comes first. It went all well when I left home, but its left front tire🚙 was punctured somewhere I did not notice. Okay, fine, now let’s celebrate the first being punctured.😭

It wasted nearly 2 hours to fix such a small nail’s problem. There wouldn’t be a problem if this nail’s problem was solved. The problem is, the already “repaired” punctured tire turned out to be under inflation in the afternoon. 😮‍💨 Oops… I have no choice but to ask the guy who did the repair job for that tire in the morning to unload it and take it back to his workshop to do the second repair. Why not exchange the spare tire? I tried, but failed. Screws are too tight. 😅

After unloading the tire

When I tired to unload the tire, it took me a long time but still did not figure out where should I jack up. A professional tool for the professional thing. It looks like this huge jack jacked up my car so easily. (Is that exposed wire near the exhaust pipe?)

An interesting thing got my attention while unloading the tire. I noticed that my new car become get rust. I bought it only over a month ago. Those who flattering Japan-made now wake up, it does get rust in a short time. Look at those rusty screws, I have to surmise that rusty when they were at the factory.

So it be, I will consult the tech staff of 4S shop if they need repair.

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Car: QASHQAI 2022

Why this car: My mom needs an SUV, my dad prefers Japan-made while I favor white color and a cheap one.😂 So this one satisfies all.✅

One more thing, this white color needs a 2k extra fee. I thought it would be a more nice color or nice made. Until now, I figured out why. It is much easier to get dirty than other colors. The 4S shop asks extra fee because they want you to think about it again if you really need a white one.