Notes · August 15, 2021 6

Received A Year of SVIP From Kugou Music

2021 is my lucky year. In January, I won a lucky lottery and received a Civil Code Book from CYSUI. At the end of July, I got a year of VIP from Netease Music which I haven’t show off yet. And at the beginning of August, I received a QQ doll from Tencent Cloud. Well, last night, on the Chinese Traditional Valentine’s Day, I received a year of SVIP from Kugou Music.

I have to thanks Hu Hexian first who notified me on 9th August of Kugou’s activity for teachers, so that I can get this gift from Kugou Music. I listed my teacher’s certification on that morning and received this notification message on yesterday when was Chinese traditional Valentine’s day. Thanks to Kugou. I’ll count that this gift as my Valentine’s day gift. Ha, that was my first gift received on Valentine’s day for the past 30+ years. I got to show off this all day long.

May the luck be with me forever.