Add clicking EXP effect for blog

  • November 23, 2014

Havn’t study English for a long time, I am not sure is it right to call this JS effect as clicking EXP effect. To be honest, I translated it into English from 《为博客添加打怪积分特效》.

Any way, this JS effect is not an essential effect for a blog or a website. I just thought it fun to have such an effect. You can click on any page of my blog to check out the effect. Yeah, it’s useless, I agree. However, I wonder, whether it will drive you crazy if you have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder).

Let’s Encrypt

  • November 19, 2014

Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority: It’s free, automated, and open.lets-encryptAccording to ISRG (Internet Security Research Group), Let’s Encrypt Program will be launched at Summer 2015. This project is sponsored by Mozilla Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc., Akamai Technologies, Electronic Frontier Foundation, IdenTrust, Inc., and researchers at the University of Michigan.It is a new free certificate authority, built on a foundation of cooperation and openness, that lets everyone be up and running with basic server certificates for their domains through a simple one-click process.

Cloudflare offers free ssl service

  • November 8, 2014

Cloudflare is the best free CDN provider as I know, and I’ve been enjoying its fantastic service for around 3 years. Since Sep 2014, Cloudflare offers free SSL service.

The SSL service provided by Cloudflare requires no dedicated IP for your website.