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Memories In March 2021

Early of March, grandma said she wanted to visit Hua Yan Xi Reservoir Scenic, then we started our trip to there. Due to followed the route guidance of uncle, we suffered almost 2 hours bumping driving to get there. And when we got there, what disappointing us was that there was no water in the reservoir. What we got from this journey were, my brother drove for more than 5 hours and we enjoyed that 5 hours’ bumping.

A path with cliffs all the way to the Cruise ship terminal in Hua Yan Xi Reservoir Scenic. I was afraid and sitting still all the way. Even though the photo was taken in the car and is not clear, but we can still see mountains far away hiding in clouds and misty.

Here used to be the Mabang Cruise ship terminal where visitors can rent a boat and boating by themselves on the river to harvest the landscape of the whole Reservoir Scenic. However, the gate of reservoir was under repairing. And the whole lake has no water.

Cherry tree in Mabang Yards

In the middle of March, it was such unbelievable that we got a sunny day. It was the right time to showering the sunshine and let the sunshine wash out the musty smell in rainy season.

River in Dingling Park
Unknown flower tree

At the end of March, the rain was tired and seems will go back home. I also prepared to have another trips in April. For my new trip, I bought 2 pairs of nice shoes. Yep, you see, the shoes with advertised 5 cm heighten effect. Yes, it does have 4cm heighten effect, really good. However, the rainy days came back.

Nice shoes. 10 years younger when I wear it on. Now I can claim that I am 175cm .