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Got A 360F5Pro Wifi Router

Well, it seems that this is a sort of failure purchase. After a month testing, I won’t suggest you buy this model Wifi router unless you are looking for a firewall built-in router, or you are looking for a cheaper Wifi router. If you need a strong wifi signal, now you can ignor this one.

When the idea that replace my out-of-date wifi router came to my mind, Honor 2 Pro, Mercury D268G, Huawei AX3 and K2p also was my choice. And, K2P was the suggestion of Xiaoshi. It is good to flash a new system by yourself. And it has a very strong wifi signal which is awesome. However, there isn’t ready to use Flashed one to buy and I am at my age not willing to do it myself.

Huawei AX3 is a pretty good choice if you are not care about its price. It supports the latest Wifi 6 technology. Well, I don’t have a wifi 6 cellphone and will not going to have one in the coming 2 years. So this wifi 6 thing could not beat the price and win my heart.

Mercury D268G and Honor 2 Pro both only offer 3 lan ports which I do need 4 lan ports. D268G also has a as small as 64Mb RAM. Honor 2 Pro has a 128Mb RAM but the reviews says it is not steady enough.

The most important thing is 360 F5Pro is only ¥145 with coupon. That’s ¥50 cheaper than others. And that will cover a half year eletric bill for wifi router. And of course, last good experience with 360 Wifi P2 bought for company on 2016 helped me decide to buy this one. However, this time, it’s a failure purchase.

When I ordering it, I did not notice about its size. When I got it, I was shocked, its huge. It’s package almost as large as a 22 inch screen.

As it is advertised with LEGO, I thought there may have some LEGO puzzles insde. Well, obviousely, I was in my day dream. There is no LEGO puzzle inside, it was only designed that the surface can be used as a LEGO puzzle plate.

Some photos to show how huge it is. That TINY one is China Mobile ISP tying wifi router (price: ¥100).

It has a huge figure but it does not mean it has a strong signal. Some reviews says its 5G signal can cross over 2 walls. And 2.4G can reach over 3 walls. Extreme one says it can cover a 200m² (2152ft²) house. For sure, most reviews are reasonable, it fits for an about 100m² house.

However, the on I got is not on the average standard. Only one wall can weaken half of the 5G signal which can barely surfing on the internet. Two walls? You can consider there is none. The 2.4G signal is better, and only a little better. Its signal is much worse than Youku router I bought on 2016.

There is another strange thing. It does not support 2*2 mu-mimo for 2.4G. The one my sister bought on 2016 already supported this 2*2 mu-mimo for 2.4G. And I can enjoy its benifit for a 300Mbps wifi connection. With this 360 F5Pro I can only use a 144Mbps slow connection. This is no good.

Fast 300M router my sister bought on 2016 (Connected at behind one wall)
360F5Pro 2.4G signal (Connected less than 2m directly)
360F5Pro 5G signal (Connected less than 2m directly)