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And That’s Why Your Heart Beats

This is a reply message to one of Greyson Chance’s Fans from China. I am glad that Greyson still has a lot of fans supporting him.

Dear XXXX,
Thanks for your letter.
I am glad that you love Greyson. How I wish it was Greyson Chance himself reading this letter.
This is Young from Greyson Chnace fan club. I am maintaining GC’s fan club website. The unlucky thing is, as Greyson is no longer a signed artist with Universial Music which we used to contact Greyson officially, we could not forward your letter to Greyson Chance any more.
If you may allow me, I will send private message to Greyson’s social media account, like Snap Chat, Instagram. I am not sure if he have the chance to read it, but I will try to.
For the questions you reffered in your email,please allow me talk with you.
Do you write your own songs?
Yes, Greyson writes most of it. The songs included into his album, he is the first writer (Composer). From Hold On ‘Til The Night to Seasons.。
Do you like the universe?
Um, I am not sure if Greyson loves it, but I do know that Greyson loves the life, and the world. He is a telanted, passinate, and brave kid. He never given up persuing happiness. And he always have great courage to challenge the surfferings in life.
For the focusing content in the songs, well, Greyson does not share his ideas about universe or science in deed. Greyson prefers to sharing hisideas about friends, about love, and about what he thinks.
Of course it is a great idea to share something new other than puppy love. But, at this very age, puppy love is the most mysterious thing in the world. Maybe he or she is the whole universe. The way she/he moves, the way she/he smiles, and the eyes she/he stares at. And maybe that is why your heart beats.
I can not asure you either that I can persuade Greyson share his understanding about univers or science. But I can defenitly tell you that it is always good to chasing answers from the univers and science.
Last, thank you again for supporting Greyson Chance as always.
Best wishes for you.
Young Free
from Greyson Chance Fan Clubs